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I was invited to the  Boardmans new winter collection this afternoon and I’m obsessed with their new collection!

Your winter home worries will soon be a thing of the past. Homeware specialist, Boardmans, recently launched their winter campaign that’s geared to make your home equally cosy and stylish this winter. The launch, attended by handpicked home décor  enthusiasts,  was  set  to  the  backdrop  of  the  Parktown’s  leafy  suburbs  and  showcased a striking range of Boardmans’ latest products which become available in stores from March. “This season, we want to ensure that our consumers are well-­equipped with the latest must-­haves and are ready to take on winter with our exciting range of assortments. We aim to make sure that Boardmans not only becomes a brand that is synonymous with great  products,  but  also  a  first-­choice  lifestyle  brand  supported  by  an  array  of  world  renowned products at great value,” comments Brand Manager Jillian Kay. Homeware décor maven Heather Boting hosted the launch and the attending home-­ style aficionados were given a personal tour around the private estate while exchanging tips on how to turn cold houses into cosy winter homes. Each room of the house presented a mood for the latest Boardmans trends to look forward to this winter. A few leanings became clear. Earthy and jewel tones constructed the season’s colour palette, while faux fur blankets and fleece throws are a huge trend this season and a definite winter must have. Whether layering them on the bed or using them as an accessory in the lounge, they’re sure to keep the family warm this winter. The sensory experience of winter at home was also a crucial talking point. Nothing says winter more than the aromas of hearty stews and delicious casseroles, which Boardmans’ casserole dishes and kitchenware help the homemaker serve up exquisitely.

Boardmans Winter3034.jpgBoardmans Winter3438.jpgBoardmans Winter3452.jpgMarch Hotel Collectian Plain Option 02.jpgMarch, April - Bathroom Washbins.jpg

The final thought which was commonly shared among the homeware experts was the idea of winter theatre and showcasing hosting skills by beautifying the dinner table and dining area with perfect-­for-­winter accessories. From the bathroom and bedroom to the living room, dining room, kitchen and beyond, Boardmans  is  ready  to  add  some  flair  to  your  home’s  winter  look  with  their  latest  collections that are ready to deliver a space that is stylishly inspired . Come and reinvent the cold season with Boardmans’ spectacular Winter 2017 homeware collection.

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BMW 5Series Media Launch


I was invited to the all new BMW 5series media launch in George, Western Cape, on arrival we were treated to a fabulous lunch at the whale viewing deck at Oubaai resort and spa, possibly one of the most breath taking views in South Africa.

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And the the fun began, driving through George in the luxurious beast reminded me of BMW’s pay off sheer driving pleasure. Everyone know I’m a convertible kinda girl but this sedan ticks all the right boxes, a little big for me but I can’t fault it on how well it handled the roads, especially the bends! Superior driving pleasure and unsurpassed aerodynamics.


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As our trip starts I connect my Bluetooth  twirl my right index finger in small clockwise circles and  my Beyonce- Diva cranks up yaaaaaaasss so fitting! This feature seen on the 7series is now available on the 5series, I’m obsessed with convenience – the gesture recognition system makes playing music so much easier, but not just for music, the gesture controls on the new iDrive interface let you control everything from the navigation and radio to climate controls with hand movements. Basically ladies full time Queening, they say it’s the business athlete but i feel like this car was made for us riiiight?

i test drove the 520d and the grunt-happy 540i, I love how much this one sounds as I accelerate, cutting through the curvy roads of George I’m impressed by the way this handles of. Both cars deliver excellent road holding, satisfying acceleration, and an intuitive sense of weight transfer.

My other absolute fave optional extra is the parking assist, I feel like trips to the mall are about to get easier, you know when there’s one tiiiiiiny parking spot left eeeeeeeek! fear not fashionista’s this beauty will do the work for you


The seventh generation of the BMW 5 Series Sedan will cut a sporty, elegant and stylish figure when it hits the roads in South Africa in February and March 2017. Further enhanced dynamics, an unbeatable line-up of assistance systems, an unmatched degree of connectivity and a new and innovative operating system are the most important new features. The new BMW 5 Series Sedan therefore has all the tools it needs to continue the remarkable success recorded by its predecessors; around 7.9 million BMW 5 Series cars were sold across its first six generations. “The seventh generation of the BMW 5 Series points the way into the future, as we have defined it with our NUMBER ONE > NEXT strategy. We see technological leadership, emotionally rich products and digitalisation as essential factors in achieving success. With the expansion of our model portfolio in the large-vehicle classes, we are satisfying the wishes of many customers. I’m in no doubt that the new BMW 5 Series will set new benchmarks technologically, but also have huge emotional appeal. It remains the epitome of the business sedan,” says Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management at BMW AG.

Superior driving pleasure and unsurpassed aerodynamics.
Rigorous application of the BMW Efficient Lightweight lightweight design concept, with increased use of aluminum and high-strength steels, reduces the weight of the 5 Series Sedan by up to 100 kilograms from that of its predecessor. The newly designed chassis, a low centre of gravity, BMW’s hallmark even weight distribution and a lightweight body offering exceptional torsional stiffness combine a wonderfully dynamic driving experience with the long-distance comfort for which the BMW 5 Series is renowned. Various chassis options such as Integral Active Steering add further talents to a dynamics-focused overall package designed to ensure the BMW 5 Series once again stands at the top of its class. The drag coefficient of the new, 4,935 millimetre-long BMW 5 Series Sedan (Cd = 0.22 at its most efficient) sets the benchmark in its class.

Intuitive usability and extensive comfort.
With even greater user-friendliness as its goal, the new BMW 5 Series is equipped with the latest-generation iDrive system. In top specification, it displays navigation, telephone and entertainment features, plus vehicle functions, on a high-resolution 10.25-inch screen. The system can be operated using the iDrive Controller, by voice command or gestures, or by touching the display controls directly, as the driver wishes. The large, tile-style panels can be arranged as desired and show the content of the underlying menus in constantly updated form. The latest-generation full-colour BMW Head-Up Display has a projection surface that is 70 per cent larger than before and displays traffic signs, telephone listings, radio stations, music tracks, navigation instructions and warnings from the assistance systems.

Maximising the levels of on-board comfort are extended storage options, greater legroom for rear-seat passengers and comfort seats with massage function, not to mention innovative seat operation using touch sensors and four-zone climate control complete with ionisation and discreet air fragrancing. Special Synergy Thermoacoustic Capsule (SYNTAK) engine encapsulation technology, the acoustic glazing for the windscreen and the acoustic headliner bring about another noticeable reduction in noise levels inside the car. All headlight variants specified for the BMW 5 Series Sedan come as standard with LED technology. Available as an option are Adaptive LED Headlights with variable light distribution including adaptive roundabout lights and BMW Selective Beam anti-dazzle high beam with a range of up to 500 metres.

Photography: Mpumi Ngwenya


BMW Driving Experience: BMW South Africa

beemer day.jpgBMW-137.jpg

I went out with the BMW family yesterday to do my advanced driving course with 20 other phenomenal women in south africa, this included media personalties, entrepreneurs, curators basically strong, fabulous ladies.


I rode with Kefilwe Mabote and Tshego Manche, such fabulous ladies


with Diederik Reitsma:  General Manager, Group Communications BMW SA


I got to learn the theory of operating car dynamics with information from the world of motorsport using the BMW M3, after completing a few laps under the guidance of an instructor,I got to explore the optimum line around the bends on my own. It was such an exhilarating experience! Being able to fully command a such a powerful car around the  ZwartkopsRaceway Circuit. I was able  practice techniques for perfecting a wide range of driving manoeuvres, with the aim of attaining a tidy, reproducible driving style along the ideal line.


With the rains coming in heavy in the past few days I really enjoyed the collision avoidance & skid control course, I feel so much more confident taking on the wet roads.

I was able to compare how a vehicle behaves with and without the assistance of safety systems offered by BMW including Dynamic Stability Control and ABS. And learn the basic requirements for optimal vehicle control by adopting the correct seating position and steering technique. Most importantly I learned to handle critical situations through emergency braking applications and targeted braking together with lightning-fast evasive action when confronted by an obstacle, to avoid an impending collision safely. Thank you to 4elements Media for putting together such a fabulous day for the ladies.

Road safety is so important ladies, and it’s something I’m definitely going to be focusing more on with the cars I review. I have fabulous BMW national media launch coming up on the 25 to launch a brand new car in Cape Town, everything will be on my social media pages so make sure you’re following



Photography: George Oosthuizen, Howling Hound Photography.


Finding MINI Paris with the MINI Clubman: Melrose Arch Auto

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Hey Guys I haven’t blogged in a while so I’m quite excited to share this post with you guys. I got a fabulous MINI Cooper Clubman for the weekend from the fab peeps at Melrose Arch Auto. She’s such a beauty so I took her on a roadtrip to find mini paris in Harties.

The MINI Clubman is stylish grown up yet nimble. IF you’re a MINI fan you’ll definitely love this and won’t be a tad bit disappointed with the Clubman.

We  drove it to Harties and went around tight corners but this little machine stayed planted no matter how hard we pushed it.

The MINI really seems to inspire driver confidence with its agile and sporty demeanor. The Steptronic automatic transmission is smooth and offers quick shifts throughout the power band. I found it perfect for stop-and-go traffic, the last morning I had it.

I’m an Art Director so my fave part is the interior design even though these  features are familiar, from the column-mounted dials to the circular pod crowning the centre stack and housing the large infotainment display and wait for it my fave fave part the ambient light on the infotainment display defos cool!

All in all its a fantastic car I think it makes a great roadtrip car, a little too wide for me personally but pretty nonetheless.

I received some fabulous sneakers from the Rubi by Cotton On team which were perfect for the MINI roadtrip they have have wings how cute?

Outfit details

All clothes and shoes from Cotton On and Rubi by Cotton On.

Photography: ArkofNoahPhotography

Burnt Orange: Knit Skirt Edit

DSC_0019.jpgDSC_0056.jpgDSC_0123.jpgDSC_0070.jpgI’ve struggled with finding skirts that are the right length, right fit pretty much my perfect fit. So you can imagine my excitement when a found this gem at Witchery not only is it comfortable to wear and a great winter essential but it’s also easy to dress up or down! It comes in a light grey as well. I styled it with a sheer mesh top from Nimcouture and Valentino rockstuds

Photography: ArkofNoahPhotography
Styling &Art Direction: Mpumi Ngwenya

Skirt: Witchery ( Sandton City)
Top: Nimcouture
Shoes: Maison Valentino – Rockstud

Diamonds and Valentino

IMG_4441 copy.jpgIMG_4436.jpgIMG_4432 copy.jpgIMG_4482.jpgIMG_4464.jpgvalentino-bag1.jpgvalentino-stud-bag21.jpgvalentino-stud-bag1.jpg

Ok, maybe not real diamonds but these rhinestones on my Nimcouture blazer dress give me life! How stunning is it? it’s so effortlessly chic! The thing about fashion and style is when you’re intune with yourself you can  wear anything and slay in it. Which is why I keep telling people don’t try too hard, I can not stress this enough don’t imitate celebs, your friends and those around you, just be yourself, work hard and invest in yourself, spoil yourself invest in property, your businesses, travel, drink good wine, explore good food and buy some Valentino, every girls deserves a Valentino bag and shoes!

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Faux Fabulous

DSC_0099.jpgDSC_0041.jpgDSC_0079.jpgDSC_0158.jpgDSC_0174.jpgDSC_0048.jpgDSC_0124.jpgDSC_0148.jpgDSC_0150.jpgDSC_0135.jpg DSC_0148.jpg

DSC_0303.jpgMissposhglam x Replay: This Winter it’s all about brightly coloured faux fur and this cropped jacket by Replay is just the right amount of kitsch! The Replay AW16 collection fits into my style so effortlessly it’s for the ladies who are bold, aren’t afraid to take fashion risks and unapologetically slay! Because we don’t imitate anyone, but are our own style icons! Every item in store feels unique bold and well… missposhglam!
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High Tea at the Four Seasons

DSC_1488.jpgDSC_1345.jpgDSC_1338.jpgDSC_1361.jpgDSC_1363.jpgDSC_1373.jpgDSC_1438.jpgDSC_1459 copy.jpgDSC_1476 copy.jpgDSC_1483 copy.jpgDSC_1557 copy.jpgDSC_1542 (1) copy.jpgladies.jpgAnyone who knows me, knows how much I love high tea! The last time I had high tea at the Four Seasons Hotel it was a little over a year ago when it was still the WestCliffe Hotel. The Four Seasons served me and my ladies a different yet scrumptious High Tea Menu
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