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I was invited to the  Boardmans new winter collection this afternoon and I’m obsessed with their new collection!

Your winter home worries will soon be a thing of the past. Homeware specialist, Boardmans, recently launched their winter campaign that’s geared to make your home equally cosy and stylish this winter. The launch, attended by handpicked home décor  enthusiasts,  was  set  to  the  backdrop  of  the  Parktown’s  leafy  suburbs  and  showcased a striking range of Boardmans’ latest products which become available in stores from March. “This season, we want to ensure that our consumers are well-­equipped with the latest must-­haves and are ready to take on winter with our exciting range of assortments. We aim to make sure that Boardmans not only becomes a brand that is synonymous with great  products,  but  also  a  first-­choice  lifestyle  brand  supported  by  an  array  of  world  renowned products at great value,” comments Brand Manager Jillian Kay. Homeware décor maven Heather Boting hosted the launch and the attending home-­ style aficionados were given a personal tour around the private estate while exchanging tips on how to turn cold houses into cosy winter homes. Each room of the house presented a mood for the latest Boardmans trends to look forward to this winter. A few leanings became clear. Earthy and jewel tones constructed the season’s colour palette, while faux fur blankets and fleece throws are a huge trend this season and a definite winter must have. Whether layering them on the bed or using them as an accessory in the lounge, they’re sure to keep the family warm this winter. The sensory experience of winter at home was also a crucial talking point. Nothing says winter more than the aromas of hearty stews and delicious casseroles, which Boardmans’ casserole dishes and kitchenware help the homemaker serve up exquisitely.

Boardmans Winter3034.jpgBoardmans Winter3438.jpgBoardmans Winter3452.jpgMarch Hotel Collectian Plain Option 02.jpgMarch, April - Bathroom Washbins.jpg

The final thought which was commonly shared among the homeware experts was the idea of winter theatre and showcasing hosting skills by beautifying the dinner table and dining area with perfect-­for-­winter accessories. From the bathroom and bedroom to the living room, dining room, kitchen and beyond, Boardmans  is  ready  to  add  some  flair  to  your  home’s  winter  look  with  their  latest  collections that are ready to deliver a space that is stylishly inspired . Come and reinvent the cold season with Boardmans’ spectacular Winter 2017 homeware collection.

March, April - Copper + White Bathroom Accessories (White Background) White Hero.jpgMarch, April - Curtains Option 03.jpgMarch, April - Faux Fur Throws Detailed.jpg

Missposhglam Deco Must-haves for your home with Boardmans

my room.jpgA fabulous home takes a little work and consistency just like your wardrobe you need find classic staples, that will move with you from season to season. Im going to share some of my definite home must haves from Boardmans home 1.jpgDiffusers

There’s nothing quite like coming home from a hard day and relaxing alongside a gloriously fragrant candle or diffuser.

There are so many beautifully scented options around, from floral smells to woody, spicy options.

My current fave is this lemon grass scented one from the gift collection at Boardmans, I love the smell of  lemongrass,It’s my preferred scent around the house. To me, the smell is like taking in a deep breath of fresh air, and it makes me happy.


I love dining be it alone or with people, beautiful crockery allows you to have a beautiful table setting, I’m currently obsessed with golds and florals i bought these stunning gold trimmed  Maxwell & Williams White Toorak Gold plates. they add a touch of glamour and of course the glam queen has to eat with  gold plated cutlery

gold home.jpgDSC_0208 copy.jpg

Modern pieces

Always look for modern accents for your home, by rethinking the pieces you already have. adding new simple pieces can change a whole room always go for classic colours like whites, and metallics and a little greenery of course. I love the versatility of candle holders like these fabulous  Gold Geometric ones I’ve bought for my home  because you can dress them anywhere in you home.


shop all these items online at boardmans

Fashionably Loud Denim Sizzles at the Black Coffee Block Party!

Retail giant, Edgars, celebrated the ‘cloth of music,’ with its adventurous Edgars Denim Experience. In celebrating denim’s flexibility and knack to be all things to all people, the local fashion retailer went on an unforgettable joy ride, this past weekend, starting in the inner city of Johannesburg with a celebrity shoot and climaxing at the exclusive Edgars Denim Experience Lounge at Black Coffee’s Block Party in Soweto.2cccec03-db46-44eb-bf51-010d04da2ddc.jpeg

The campaign featured actor and presenter Kay Sibiya; actress and presenter Mbali Nkosi; actor Nkuli Tshirumbula; founder and Editor-in-Chief of According to Jerri, Jerri Mokgofe; actress Duma Ntando as well as presenter and model K Naomi – who took part in a scrumptious shoot styled by Jerri Mokgofe and photographer Philly Mohlala, this past Friday, against the cultural heart of Newtown Precinct. The dynamic denim squad then wrapped the day up with a build-up party for the Black Coffee Block Party at the popular Great Dane Bar in Braamfontein.

“The stories people tell with their denim bring them to life! Denim is a canvas for customization that not only celebrates our similarities but also our individuality – and I guess you can say the same about music,” said Letso Phiri, Managing Executive for Brand and Product Marketing at Edgars.033f52d4-f6fe-433d-9495-df3178c008c4.jpg

Our celebrity guests graced the exclusive Edgars Denim Experience VIP Lounge with their fans to share their personal denim stories of character, adventure, weekend fun, hanging in the city and forging of new paths on the Edgars Denim Experience Wall while the nation’s hottest artists took to the Black Coffee Block Party stage – entertaining crowds and etching great denim stories with hit after hit.

“Denim has always been a staple in my wardrobe because I can literally pair it with everything! If you’re going to experiment with fashion, denim is the best thing to play with,” said Nkuli Tshirumbula
“Denim has always and continues to take me on great adventures in fashion, travel, work and life,” concluded Kay Sibiya.


Starting this week, it’s time to dial up your festive season outfits with a pair of fashionable denim from Edgars.

Check out the latest Edgars denim at www.edgars.co.za or keep it social with @edgarsfashion on Instagram, @EdgarsFashion on Facebook and Twitter.

The Grand Heritage: Racing. It’s a Rush

DSC_4065.jpgDSC_4068 copy.jpg

IMG_9959e.jpgSpring racing season is upon us, the next few months are going to be fabulous all the way through summer, Horse racing is arguably the best fashion events of the year, and the fashion stakes are always high, I can’t wait to take you through my fabulous fashion journey with Racing it’s a rush . my first event was the The Grand Heritage , this was a more relaxed vibe and no OTT  fascinators but it still is the Vaals biggest horse race. The Grand Heritage is a world of its own and an inspiring addition to the racing calendar, from crisp Champers to beautiful stallions and good food it was a well spent Saturday.

I’ll be giving you your personal guide to Race wear and tips and tricks to win at the next few Races i’ll be attending, because – what to wear can be more complicated than picking your wardrobe favourite.

So Fashion may not have been the biggest factor for this event  but he names on everyone’s lips at the Vaal Racecourse on Saturday were jockey Gavin Lerena and trainer Johan Janse van Vuuren, who not only teamed up to land The Grand Heritage but also grabbed the lion’s share of the honours at the meeting. The day’s more favoured horse was the lovely Irish Pride having  won over 1400m at this venue last time out his fourth victory in 11 starts . I’m excited for our next event the Charity Mile.iStock_57362840_MEDIUM.jpgiStock_20870716_MEDIUM.jpgiStock_51239822_MEDIUM.jpgiStock_89001087_MEDIUM-2.jpg

Photography: Ark of noah Photography

Angie’s Garden



My love for flowers and beautiful spaces led me back to this beautiful garden again. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love flowers and when I visited this immaculate space again I had to show it off!

It’s nothing short of being the perfect sanctuary and a day spent here is a priceless invigorator being surrounded by not just a beautifully curated landscape that makes you escape from the Northern City Lights but all the love that literally lives in this garden.

Set in the quiet suburb of Dunnottar, Nigel you can’t do anything but unwind when here it almost feels like a mini vacay. I love that it has three different sections and well depending on your mood you can lay on the grass and gaze at the stupendous bed of magenta, coral and white roses, or have tea under the thatched gazebo beautifully designed with leaf vines. yes I’m in love i fell in love the first time i stepped into it and i’m still in love with it after another weekend spent there, but also a blogger and photographers dream and definitely goes into my fave hidden gems list.

Almost forgot to share my outfit details, it was another relaxed weekend so I paired my black denim jeans from nimcouture with a camel coloured sleeveless waterfall coat also from Nimcouture, black long sleeve  tee with sheer detail from WoolWorths, I added a little bit of chic to this weekend outfit with my Gucci – Guccisima leather belt with Gold interlocking G’s one of my fave belts in Red, I finished this look with my quilted Yves Saint Laurent Boots also an oldie but I’m still in love and accessories from Pandora.

Happy Monday dolls

Location: Angie’s Garden

Photography: ArkofNoah Photography

Art Direction and styling: Mpumi Ngwenya

Make-Up: MAC Cosmetics

Sleeveless Waterfall Coat: Nimcouture

Jeans: Nimcouture

Belt: Gucci (Nelson Mandela Square)

Long Sleeve Tee shirt: Woolworths

Boots: Yves Saint Laurent(Polyvore)

Ring and Bracelet: Pandora Jewellery





Missposhglam X MAC Cosmetics

IMG_5497 copy.jpgIMG_5403 copy.jpgMAC-Vibe-Tribe-367.jpgMAC-Vibe-Tribe-384.jpgMAC-Vibe-Tribe-372.jpgI am so excited to share this post with you this by far is my  faaaave beauty post. I love patterns and I’m so obsessed with this packaging from MAC cosmetics. So by now you all now i don’t touch foundation i believe your skin should be naturally flawless but I’m big on eye make up and lippies so you can imagine my excitement when I got all these goodies

So  each year MAC releases a vast array of limited-edition colour collections, but their specially-packaged summer story always gets me excited more than any other. This year, MAC Vibe Tribe is such a must have dolls i already feel like it’s summer and it’s winter.It holds some really beautiful shades and the tribal inspired packaging is definitely a keeper for those who have been collecting all things pretty from MAC. The packaging adorns the bronzy shades of summer along with pops of vibrant colour for eyes, cheeks, lips and nails. My current fave two items are the MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Teen Dream it’s great for an everyday look and it goes on so smoothly unlike most lip pencil balms this really lasts throughout the day and doesn’t leave you with an overly glossy finish.

My second Fave is the MAC Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder in Delphic I think this is also because I just got a set of new MAC brushes which include a contour brush which I’m absolutely loving this bronzer on my bare skin is amazing, Just sad that all the brushes were sold out. You can find this stunning collection at MAC stores or online.

I’ll be sharing skincare secrets soon I believe every woman deserves beautiful flawless skin  and it honestly doesn’t and shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg so watch this space darlings.

Happy Wednesday dolls!

Photograhy and product styling: Mpumi Ngwenya

Givenchy Fresh

IMG_5354.jpgIMG_5322 copy.jpgIMG_5354 copy.jpgIMG_5355 (1) copy.jpgm_568fe3684e95a333cc0022a4.jpgScreen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.47.02 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-06-16 at 2.09.39 PM.png


The thing about High and luxe Fashion is it’s in you or it’s not, yes sometimes I go with the flow because i’m also obsessing with some of the latest trends, but I’ve loved true fashion brands for a long time hence I’m  showing some of my fave classic pieces from my favourite creative directors in Fashion, today we’re all about  G  I  V  E  N  C  H  Y

PROUNCED : Jhee-von-SHEE- Just don’t be that uncultured human asking for thegive-en-chee it’s WRONG you’ll thank me later!

Fashion empowers. Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci my second fave creative director loved basketball when he was a child. Decades later, when success as a designer had opened doors for him, he was able to learn about a dozen new worlds. The lines on a basketball court; the lines of the Bauhaus; epochal twentieth-century design movement: past, present, future gracefully eliding on a catwalk in Paris in a collection of clothes for men on January 17, 2014. Sound portentous? Well, Tisci has a habit of bringing that out in people, such is the nature of his grandiose presentations.

Today’s was centered on a basketball court whose markings were picked out in neon. The models walked with hair slicked to their heads, which were wrapped tightly in nets. They looked like members of a Latino gang. But, insisted Tisci, that was how a gentleman in the twenties, contemporaneous with the Bauhaus, would have preserved his look when he slept, and gang members were simply borrowing from that tradition. A delightful notion indeed, especially when it was hardly bygone male beauty regimens that dictated the tone of the collection.

Rather, it was a casual new take on tailoring—trousers looser, puddling at the ankle; jackets elongated, coat-length to create a new suit—and an abstract approach to graphics. If his rottweilers and Madonnas have made Tisci one of the most identifiable, and copied, designers in the world over the past few years, here he shelved the figurative in favor of swooshes of paint and linear Bauhaus-influenced strands of color. He also defined the line of garments with zippers. That didn’t put the fakers off for long, but today, in this moment, Givenchy had an elegant severity that underscored Tisci’s role in turning the sweatshirt into this season’s high-fashion essential. Another fave from Tisci was the birds of paradise range i couldn’t get my hands on it so I added my hand drawn version of  this print onto my pics Tisci went  into the light with this collection in 2012. It was dawn in Givenchyworld—tropical-flower prints, crystals and sequins sparkling like dew on leaves, and white… so much white, banishing every trace of the black that has been Tisci’s trademark up to this point. More to the point, it was a triumph.

I’m wearing the classic basketball patch sweater from the AW14/15 range the back was a hard find but I loove it. I’m also currently totally obsessing over sweaters I believe even when you dress down you should still keep it chic, i paired it with nimcouture denims and ankle boots from Rubi by cotton on

Sweater: Givenchy

jeans: Nimcouture

Ankle Boots: Rubi Shoes

Bag: Givenchy Antigona

Ilustration and Art Direction by Mpumi Ngwenya


Kenzo X Missposhglam

IMG_5108-Recovered.jpgIMG_5100.jpgUntitled-3.jpgWhen Kenzo revealed their AW14 campaign  it wasn’t a surprise for me that once again the cult parisian fashion brand has collaborated with experimental art magazine Toilet Paper.

This was the third season that Kenzo’s creative directors Carol Lim & Humberto Leon have teamed up with Toilet Paper Magazine’s creatives, Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari and Micol Talso. The video and images continue the surreal aesthetic of their previous outings with AW14 being particularly inspired by David Lynch. The advertising presents Kenzo’s
collections for men, women, kids and accessories and features models Guinevere Van Seenus and Robert McKinnon.

For me the collabo has been the perfect balance between art and fashion which is where in my personal capacity am heading towards, so welcome to the art director side of me for the next month my first love, I’ll be taking you on a collaborative journey with my own personal work and fashion and some talented illustrators. this featured art work being a first my own illustrations, playing on the kenzo x toilet paper  collage through my own take on it.

I’m inspired by the likes of Jeremy Scott. Scott’s recent collaboration with the shoe brand Melissa is, like his otherfamous pairings with Adidas, Longchamp, and Moschino, a perfect vessel for his playful pop art vision. His styles for the brand, the first of which debuted at the September runway show for his namesake brand, included Technicolor rubber high-heel mules. It’s not always about what right for high fashion but what make you! And blending in is not the end goal.

Back to the kenzo collabo Speaking about the campaign Carol Lim said: “This being our third collaboration, we were interested in figuring out ways to evolve the past concepts into something that felt different but still in the spirit of both Kenzo and Toilet Paper. Since the collection was inspired by David Lynch, it was natural for us to incorporate some of the emotions we experience when seeing his work.”

Humberto Leon also commented: “Guinevere really feels like a woman who could live in David Lynch’s world and could emulate the range of character one could see in his movies. We loved how she plays on the subtly ambiguous relationship with Robert. It’s part of the process of trying to discern what’s really going on.”

South African brand managers need to let go of being scared using influencers just for the SM numbers, it’s time to collaborate with real artists, real talent or everything will remain looking like it does on our feeds same girl different outfit.